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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups help members connect on a more personal level and tend to be rewarding and fulfilling. Form a group comprised of members sharing a common interest (Book Club, Mommy ‘n Me, Sister Mixers) with the intention of having this group create a bond with one another as well as the alumnae group. Interest Groups should have a chairman to be a liaison between the SIG and the alumnae chapter or association.

Our chapter has a long history of successful small groups, and we’re expanding! We expect the groups will be meeting over Zoom for a while -- making it easy to get plugged in and give it a try. We recently brainstormed a list of suggestions (see below), and we would love to hear ideas. Let us know if any of these groups interest you and if you are interested in:  leading a group, simply showing up, or something in-between. Email

  • Interests & Activities. The sky is the limit here! Book clubs, exercise, travel, learning a language, wine enthusiasts, foodies, gardening, TV show fans, movie fans, crafts, mental health, self-defense, board/card games, sports (viewing or playing), health, speaker series, running, walking, dog owners, theatre buffs, etc. etc.!
  • ​​Networking/Career
  • Chapter of Initiation ~ New Member (Pledge) Classes. Get/stay connected with the sisters in the classes around your age group
  • New to Town
  • Empty-Nesters
  • Moms + Tots - How does story time over Zoom sound?
  • Moms + College-Bound Daughters
  • Singles
  • DGs + Spouses
  • Talents (creativity/artistic, techy, speakers, crafts/sewing, marketing, etc.)
  • Care ~ sisters helping sisters
  • Service ~ sisters helping others
  • Event Planning (assist Programming/Founders Day)
  • Working (envelope stuffing, etc.)
  • Summer/Winter Collegians home in KC on breaks
  • Life stages (age groups)
  • Day/Time (weekday, weekend, day, evening)
  • Your Ideas: ____________________________________


Here are some of our traditional Special Interest Groups...

Allyson Braggs has agreed to lead the newly re-named KC Anchors (formerly Socialites). 

Hi, I’m Ally Braggs, Alpha Omega-Arkansas. I am a recent grad and transplant to Kansas City, originally from Dallas, Texas. The Greater Kansas City alumnae chapter has recently revamped the Socialites group, and I’m so excited they asked me to coordinate the new KC Anchors group. Our focus will be women who have graduated within the last 5 years. This group is ready to be your home away from home! 

We welcome you to take your Delta Gamma experience to that next level of friendship, sisterhood and membership, as you transition to the next phase of life. We are all about building up each other and joining the KC Anchors is the way to do that for all young Delta Gammas in the KC metroplex. 

To stay in touch with us and get updated in case we do add anything make sure to stay connected through the links below:
GroupMe: Instagram: 

Have any questions or want to grab a coffee/tea with me to hear more about the SIG and our rebranding - email me at ! Hope to chat with you soon sisters!
Love, Ally

Evening Edition - A Virtual Book Club

We've had a great first year for our Evening Edition Book Club. Now that the summer is over, we're hoping you'll join us for another year of amazing books. The group meets one Tuesday or Thursday evening a month to discuss, and anyone can suggest a book to read for the following month. It's a great opportunity to read some interesting titles, engage in conversation, and get to know your sisters better. We post each month's book selection in the Splash newsletter and on Facebook, so check those places to find out what we're reading next. No need to commit to joining every month. We'd love it if you just logged in when you can and when a book interests you! If you have any questions about the organization or want to suggest a book, please email


Northland* DG Bridge Group
*South, East and West DGs invited too!

1:15 PM - 3:30 PM - Home of Dee Shugart 

Hope you will join us for bridge - we are all still learning and having lots of fun.  So no experience necessary.  The group usually meets the second Friday of each month, but subject to change so check this section each month for any updates.  A recommended book is: Bridge for Everyone by D. W. Crisfield.  The author makes learning bridge easy and is based on newer bridge guidelines.  You can check out from the library, purchase online or in person at Barnes & Noble. 


We have a new interest group, DG Golfers! This is a great opportunity for outdoor time, exercise, fun, laughter, and occasional great shots.

If you have an interest in playing golf with the group on Monday afternoons, please email Susan Durbian or Lailan Bressler so that we can add you to the notification list. Each week, we’ll send out an email with the time and location of the next outing. Please respond as quickly as possible with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to ensure we have enough tee times reserved.



High Caliber Hannahs is a casual group that bands together in a love of shooting.  We focus on gun safety, and target shooting.  We have no special times we meet.   Members take turns organizing events and publish those events in e-newsletters and on Facebook and by email to interested members.




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