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Local Philanthropy

Service for Sight

The Greater Kansas City Alumnae of Delta Gamma are dedicated to raising money and volunteering for the area's organizations that provide services to the visually impaired as well as supporting the Delta Gamma Foundation.  

Local Service for Sight

Over the years, the primary beneficiary of our fundraising money and volunteer hours has been the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired (CCVI). The mission of CCVI is to prepare children with visual impairments, including those with multiple disabilities, to function at their highest potential in the sighted world.

In addition to our CCVI efforts, we raise money for Alphapointe, which provides work opportunities for visually impaired adults; Kansas Specialty Dog, which trains seeing eye dogs; and Audio Reader, which puts written material on tape.

Night of Knowledge & Nonsense

A Night of Knowledge & Nonsense is a fundraising event featuring an interactive "game" night for Delta Gammas, friends, family, neighbors and more. Designed by a professional multimedia company, A Night of Knowledge & Nonsense incorporates photos and videos to ensure a fun evening of light-hearted trivia. If Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit immediately come to mind, think again. Our professional trivia experts know the difference between trivia and trivial. The focus this night is on entertaining topics with broad appeal. We had plenty of exams in school, A Night of Knowledge & Nonsense is designed to be engaging and encourage guest interaction. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time! Silent auction and dinner are also part of the evening's fun. Learn more at

Box Tops for Education

Attention Recyclers and Savers! Before you throw away your cans, lids and other food packaging, check to see if the label or UPC can bring needed equipment to the Delta Gamma Schools for children who are visually impaired.

Collect General Mills' Box Tops for Education for CCVI to redeem for cash for their school. The Greater Kansas City Alumnae Group strives to be one of the highest collecting alumnae groups each year. All box tops are donated to CCVI. Box tops can now be submitted electronically.  Click here to see how! You may also bring your box tops to any meeting. For more information, visit Box Tops for Education or Delta Gamma


Report Your Service Hours

Thanks to your kindness & generosity, the Greater Kansas City chapter has a long legacy of Doing Good! The chapter tracks individual service hours given by our members. If you are participating in a chapter organized project, for example, a group of Delta Gammas volunteers at the Alphapointe Thanksgiving Feast, you do not need to report those hours. The DG in charge of the project will report these.

Please don't forget to report your individual service hours, whether they are Aid to the Blind, Sight Conservation and Community Awareness, Hope Serving, Golden Anchor, Joining Forces or Raising a Guide Dog for Delta Gamma Foundation programs. For more information on DG Foundation programs, visit the the Delta Gamma website.

Service hours for other organizations also count, so wherever you are DOING GOOD, please let our president know so we can report all of the good things you’re doing! You may e-mail details (name, organization # of hours) to Thank you! 



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