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President's Message

Keeping Greek life sustainable and relevant is a focus for Delta Gamma. On a recent Delta Gamma Update Zoom call, DG leaders from the newly-formed Alumnae Advisory board, Collegiate Advisory board and others gave us a “drink from the hose” update on what’s happening with chapters across the country.

Here are a few takeaways (also you are welcome to join the next call in December – send an email to 

Campus Recruitment 
• Our chapters managed recruitment during the pandemic with grace! Thirteen chapters held virtual recruitment events; 47 chapters used a hybrid model (in person and virtual); and 34 chapters used in-person events.
• Region 5 (our region) recruited 920 new members with 352 coming through COB (Continuous Opening Bidding).
• We did awesome at achieving quota with 84 out of 88 chapters making quota.
• Recruitment and overall Greek memberships are down at smaller universities and up at larger universities. Part of this stems from students leaving higher education due to the pandemic, etc. 

Anchored Connections
• It’s a hybrid of Facebook and LinkedIn built specifically for Delta Gamma. 
• Our online platform is designed to connect sisters and expand and revitalize DG relationships. You can create a profile at

DG Podcasts
• If you enjoy podcasts, dial up DG Talks (
• Topics vary from how to have difficult conversations; demystifying recruitment; how to stay anchored to your career and others (also they are looking for DG experts for future podcasts!).

• Do you know a rockstar DG who is worthy of recognition? Delta Gamma offers a number of awards. Executive Offices have tweaked the awards process making it easier for more members to use the awards process (and our very own Jan Roach manages our KC DG awards process).

• Finally, our executive leadership team is focused on how to retain not only new Delta Gamma members, but also alumni members. One of the ways we’re doing this is to initiate women who share our values and vision. House directors, moms, daughters and others are welcome into our sisterhood. Learn more at

I am JAZZED about where Delta Gamma is headed. And our Kansas City chapter is hitting all gears with programming, commitment to CCVI and Alphapointe, reenergizing sisterhood after a long pandemic year, and sharing our love for DG. 

If you’re not currently active, please pay your dues and consider joining us for a program or an event. We’d love to see you! Learn more at


Kristin Forney Wing (Tau 1981)

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