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Save the Date: Illuminate! 70 years

October 21, 2022

70 Years...that’s how long Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired has been serving the Kansas City area and beyond— and now it’s time to celebrate! By looking back and looking forward, we are bringing back Illuminate, our annual gala, on October 21, 2022.

Mark your calendars as we highlight where we've been, where we are, and where we’re going. We’ll shine a spotlight on stories from inside our programs and share our vision for the future. This evening will include food, drinks, and several engaging presenters and honorees! Want to get involved? We'd love you to join our planning committee, especially since Delta Gamma was one of our founding partners.

Contact Connor at CCVI to volunteer or for more info.

Upcoming School Year
CCVI’s Extended School Year has concluded, and that means our new school year is right around the corner. Our last day of services was held on July 21, and we’re so excited to get back in the building this month to conduct or specialized learning. Ahead of each school year, we review our programs offered and wanted to share them with you: our community of supporters. This year, we are offering educational services from certified teachers of the visually impaired, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, orientation and mobility, aquatic therapy, assistive technology, vision and learning evaluations, as well as parent education. Each hour of therapy of education is a direct result of your support. We’re excited for the year to begin!

Celebrate Success
CCVI held Celebrate Success this summer, which was a celebration of our graduates. Since many of our graduates returned for our Extended School Year, their final day on campus was officially July 21. We were so proud of all of their hard work through their educational career and wish them the best going forward. Their success is all thanks to groups and individuals like the DGs. To read the story of one of our graduates, visit our blog. To support next year’s students and their services, donations as a well wish can be given at

Mission Moment

CCVI’s leadership took a trip to Phoenix last month to connect with Foundation for Blind Children! Foundation for Blind Children (FBC) was founded by the Delta Gammas just like CCVI in 1952, the same year as our organization. Our teams got a chance to connect with their counterparts in the other state to learn how best to serve kids with visual impairments.

Program Highlight: ESY!
While our students still get plenty of time to enjoy Summer break with their families, we offer the Extended School Year (ESY) to ensure no ground is lost in their educational and therapeutic progress. Services take place Monday through Thursday and often include fun summer activities that are hands on and experiential.

Celebrate Success graduation took place in early June with several CCVI students who are moving on to the next chapter of their educational careers! To celebrate and commemorate their time at CCVI, students were invited to leave their mark on campus with their orientation and mobility canes. With the ball of their canes used as paint brushes, students traced their path down the main CCVI hallway and marked a 30 foot sheet of black construction paper. For many families, this symbolizes a 6-year long journey from the time of their diagnosis at their birth to their transition into their home school district for elementary school.

To support next year’s students and their services, donations as a well wish can be given at


CCVI Trolley Run 2022 Recap

CCVI is so lucky to have a community that includes the support of our friends at Delta Gamma! There is perhaps no better example of that support than the last Sunday in April every year when we host the CCVI Trolley Run. This year, we raised over $374,000 for Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired. Every single cent generated by the participant, volunteers, and donors just like you ensure all the operations of CCVI continue to thrive and provide lifechanging work for our students.

With over 3,000 participants, we were so honored to celebrate our students. By the numbers: Over 3,000 participants, Nearly $40,000 in donations Nearly 500 participants running for a family team, including the DG team Beyond the numbers, the CCVI Trolley Run wouldn’t be possible without you.

DGs prepped shirts weeks before, staffed packet pick up the weekend of the race, and helped keep the roads closed during the race on the morning of. Our success is your success and we’re so grateful for another year of Trolley Run fun!

Keep the last Sunday in April booked in your calendars and make plans to walk or run again next year!



A special thank you to all the Delta Gammas who participated in the race: Julia Fitzpatrick, Barb Haden, Beth Haden, Grant Henderson, Kelly Henderson, Owen Henderson, Lisa Hibschman, Susan Kastner, Kristina Lind, Ellen Reynolds, Annie Tweedy, Craig Wildrick, Gretchen Wildrick and Kristin Wing. Thank you to those who made donations to Team DG: Leah Bromley, Barb Haden, Beth Haden, Kelly Henderson, Lisa Hibschman, Cathy Lemon, Kristina Lind, Debbie Link, and Caryll Schultz, and special thanks to those who volunteered: Kate Gibbs, Barb Haden, Beth Haden, Lailan Bressler, Caryll Schultz and Annie Tweedy (apologize for anyone who may have been omitted).

Thank You, Delta Gammas!

This past Valentine’s Day, Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired staff members enjoyed a delicious breakfast as we welcomed our students for their services! This kind gesture brought lots of smiles and positivity. The historic support from the Delta Gamma organization is what makes CCVI what it is today and this past month—like every month—we’re reminded of how lucky we are to have supporters like you! Special thanks to Leah Bromley, Beth Haden and Barb Haden for donating the food and beverages for the breakfast. The breakfast trays were prepared by Leah's friend at, "More Cheese Please KC."

CCVI Questions and Answers

“What is Orientation and Mobility?” Orientation and Mobility (O&M) teaches a person with vision loss to travel efficiently, safely, and independently. An O&M instructor teaches the student to focus on and accurately interpret sensory information available in the environment. In many cases, O&M utilizes a white cane or teaches pre-white cane skills. Orientation and Mobility skills are essential for those with visual impairments in order to lead a fulfilling and independent life. At CCVI, our Orientation and Mobility Specialists begin working on these skills by building good directional/positional concepts (in/out, up/down, left/right, etc.), learning body awareness, purposeful movement and basic orientation, and by learning pre-white cane and white cane skills.

CCVI Organizational Update

Recently, we announced the resignation of our Executive Director, Molly Turner. Since joining CCVI in 2018, Molly has served an integral role in developing the organization’s leadership team, expanding our community outreach and in guiding the board in the creation of our 2021-2023 strategic plan. All of which will set the foundation for the organization’s continued success. We are incredibly grateful for Molly’s leadership, especially during the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented all of us. Everyone at CCVI wishes Molly well in her future endeavors.

Looking forward, I am excited to share that our Board of Directors voted to appoint Kerry Boehm to the position of Interim Executive Director, effective last week. Kerry has been serving as Chief Operations Officer during the past semester, and we are looking forward to her building upon the positive impact she has already had in her time with CCVI. Kerry joined CCVI with 30 years of experience in the field of education. Kerry has a passion for early learning that has led to many partnerships in the community and beyond. We are very fortunate to have her leadership during this time of transition for CCVI. Kerry will serve in the role of Interim Executive Director likely through the end of Extended School year this summer providing the Board of Directors the time necessary to conduct a search to fill the position permanently.

We appreciate Delta Gamma support during this time of transition, growth, and change. CCVI has an exceptional leadership team, an extraordinary staff and a dedicated Board of Directors in place. Above all else, one thing remains clear at CCVI, the dedication of our team to continue to prepare children with visual impairments to reach their highest potential in a sighted world – just as we’ve done for nearly 70 years.

Barb Haden, CCVI Representative

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